The Unspoken Thoughts

I made this image not long ago. Probably end of last year.. It was confusing moment. This piece was made because somehow I am unable to express my emotions and layering multiple images to form one piece clearly describes what I felt as I was unable to find the perfect image to do so. Stuck... Continue Reading →


The Little Mistakes that we Make

If you don't know, Borderline Personality Disorder is often mistaken as Bipolar Disorder. Well why is this so? People with BPD, well their symptoms don't appear early. The symptoms of BPD manifests when they get into deeper relationships where their dependency starts. BPD usually co-occurs with other psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety. This... Continue Reading →

As Simple as it Sounds Like

    Source: As mentioned in the previous post, the symptoms of BPD will be further elaborated here 🙂 Fear of Abandonment Building and keeping up relationships (either it is with friends, family members or significant others) may seem a difficult thing to do because of their constant fear that someone might leave them.... Continue Reading →

Something Has to Start Somewhere

WHAT IS BORDERLINE? In simple terms, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). ¹BPD is a serious mental disorder marked by a pattern of ongoing instability in moods, behaviour, self-image and functioning. BPD FACTS (according to Sane Australia)  1-4% of the population are affected by BPD at some time... Continue Reading →

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